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Why Should I Major in Biology?

  • Important social issues such as Fuel Alternatives, Genetically Modified Foods/Organisms, Global Climate Change, and Stem Cell Research can only be wisely addressed by citizens who are well educated in Biology.
  • This country is losing its world reputation for producing great scientists and there is a great need for better-educated biology teachers in grades K-12.  Our B.S. in Biology/Secondary Teaching Specialization can help prepare you to be a biology teacher. 
  • Biology as a major can help you prepare for a variety of careers in the health professions. We have a club, the Pre-Health Society; we have Pre-Health Mentorshop Program; and we have an active Pre--Health Advising Program.  Biology majors enjoy a much higher acceptance rate for Medical School than the national average; for example during the 2018-2020 Application Years, graduates from our biology programs had a 55.6% admission rate, while the national average was 41.3% during the same period.
  • Modern medical technology grows ever closer to developing cures for widespread diseases like cancer, AIDS, and heart disease; our society needs well-trained biologists to continue the important research in these areas.
  • Many of the courses offered in the Biology Department are field based and experiential, helping connect our students to the natural world.
  • Many ecosystems are in danger of destruction, and our world needs informed citizens who can defend and protect these delicate components of our biosphere.
  • Globally, there is an ongoing biodiversity crisis resulting from the introduction of invasive species, climate change, and habitat loss.  Biologists in a wide variety of sub disciplines are involved in addressing these issues.   
  • Pollution problems, including oil spills and sediment contamination by legacy pollutants, are increasing being addressed through bioremediation. 
  • With new microbes becoming resistant to antibiotics there is not a better time to get involved in research and development toward solving this problem.  The discovery and development of new antimicrobials are of utmost importance.
  • Modern life and recent changes in the environment are allowing the emergence of new pathogens and reemergence of old ones.  The threat of global pandemics is an increasing concern.  Research to understand these threats and the development of control measures are needed.
  • Bioterrorism continues to be a threat to this nation.  Microbiologists, virologists, toxicologists, and health care personnel are among those involved in the early detection and rapid response to these threats.  Biology as a major can help you prepare for all of these careers.
  • Well-trained biologists and a well-informed citizenry can make a positive difference in managing natural resources.
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