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Office of Study Abroad

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The Citadel has suspended all fall 2020 and spring 2021 study abroad programming; we will resume normal study abroad programming during the summer 2021 term. 

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You can find more information to the following resources on this page by finding the relevant section below: 

  • Explore Programs 
    • Citadel Semester Programs
    • Citadel Short-Term Faculty Led Programs
    • Independent Programs
  • Plan for Study Abroad 
    • Planning Tips
    • Eligibility
    • Passport Resources
    • Financing Study Abroad
  • Apply to a Program 
  • Prepare for Departure 
    • Academic Considerations
    • General
    • Cadet Notes 
    • Additional Resources
  • While Abroad
    • Course Registration While Abroad
    • Protocol for Responding to Sexual Assault or Sexual Harassment Reports Abroad
    • Rank Boards
    • Voting
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Explore Programs

There are three main program types that students can choose from: Citadel semester-long programs, Citadel short-term faculty-led programs, and third-party programs. Continue reading to find out which program might work best for you! 

Citadel Semester Programs

Citadel semester-long programs, also known as our Global Scholars Programs, are an initiative to make semesters abroad feasible for all cadets at The Citadel. We currently have three semester-long program opportunities for cadets at The Citadel; read more about these opportunities by clicking the link.

Citadel Short-Term Programs

Citadel short-term faculty-led programs are led by Citadel faculty members during spring break and summer. On these programs, students travel abroad with a Citadel faculty member and earn three to six hours worth of coursework, depending on the length and intensity of the program. Spring break programs are associated with a specific section of an on-campus spring semester course, and students will have the opportunity to travel abroad as a class over spring break to bring the course curriculum to life. Summer programs range in location, dates, and course offerings. On these programs, students pay a program fee to cover travel expenses; tuition for associated courses is included in the price of the program fee. To read more about short-term faculty-led programs, please click the link

Independent Programs

Independent programs provide students the opportunity to study abroad for a summer term or a semester in locations that are not normally available through summer programs. With an independent program, students pay program fees directly to the provider and receive transfer credit for approved coursework upon successful completion of the program. If you are interested in a program that is not currently available through the OIDP, please contact us and we will look into the program to determine if it is a good academic fit. You can email us at

Plan for Study Abroad

Planning Tips

  • Meet with your academic advisor about your academic plan
  • Be sure to keep in mind the classes you take abroad will need to fulfill course requirements for your major and for graduation
  • Research scholarship opportunities and ways to finance your study abroad program
  • Get your passport! Resources for passports are listed below


In order to be eligible to participate in a Citadel study abroad program, students will need to meet the following criteria: 

  • Rising sophomore, junior, or senior at the Citadel
  • In good academic standing
  • 2.5 GPA or higher for independent programs and Citadel semester programs
  • 2.0 GPA or higher for a Citadel spring break or summer program
  • In good disciplinary standing
  • Pass a conduct review (Must be conduct proficient at all stages in the study abroad application process and while participating in the program)
    • Students must receive a recommendation by the Assistant Commandant for Discipline as part of their study abroad applications (see "Conduct Approval" application form). Students who have received a Class I Offense within the previous two semesters prior to study abroad term are automatically ineligible to participate in a study abroad program. Conduct will be initially reviewed at the time of application and a final conduct approval will be given prior to departure.
  • In good financial standing (Does not owe for a prior or current term and/or has no holds on their account for financial reasons)

*If a student should be accepted into a program and then fail to meet one of the above mentioned categories, their study abroad status will be revoked.

Passport Resources

A critical part of the study abroad planning process for every student is getting a passport! 

Financing Study Abroad

Students receiving financial aid for study abroad programs will need to follow the protocol from the Citadel's Office of Financial Aid, which can be found here. Please also reference the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship's Study Abroad & Study Away Financial Aid Checklist


Apply to a Program 

You can apply to our programs using our online application portal! If you know which program type in which you are most interested, you can explore your options below: 

Our online application portal will require you to make an account before applying to any programs. Once you have created your account, you are eligible to apply to one program per semester. We recommend that you research your program options thoroughly before completing the associated application forms for your program. If you would like to switch programs, please stop by the Study Abroad Office at 202 Richardson Avenue or email us at


Prepare for Departure 

Now that you've been accepted, there are important things to know as you prepare for your studies abroad. Please keep in mind that a majority of this information applies to our semester study abroad students. Students participating in spring break and summer programs will receive a majority of their information from their program directors and the Study Abroad Office directly. 

Academic Considerations

For students studying on Citadel semester programs:

  • You will be registered in a Citadel course placeholder
  • You must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours at your host institution
  • Make sure to pay any fees on your Citadel e-Bill account prior to departure
  • Discuss your course selection and schedule with your academic advisor for the semester you return home

For students studying on independent programs:

  • Please pay your program fee to your provider
  • You must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours at your host institution
  • Complete your Transient Permission Form; The Office of Study Abroad is more than happy to help you if you have any questions 
  • Update the Citadel's Office of Study Abroad, International, and Domestic Programs with any new course approvals
  • Discuss your course selection and schedule with your academic advisor for the semester you return home


  • Be sure that your passport will be valid six months after returning from your term abroad. If not, apply for a new passport now - Passport Resources can be found in the "Plan for Study Abroad" section of this page
  • If you are on a Citadel program, your Citadel study abroad program advisor will inform you about your program's visa requirements
  • If you are on an independent program, you will need to research visa requirements and take the necessary steps to obtain one; your program advisor through your third-party provider is a great resource for this as well 
  • Register with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) through the State Department 
  • Research your host country for current events, government figures, currency, and culture
  • Gather copies of the following information into two files, and leave one copy of this information with someone at home: 
    • Airline tickets
    • 2 copies of passport and visa (email a copy to yourself)
    • Driver's license
    • Blood type
    • Eyeglass prescription
    • Credit card information for cards that you will be carrying while abroad
    • Medical contact information (doctor, dentist, specialist)
    • Medical prescriptions
    • Medical insurance
  • Provide a copy of itinerary, travel plans, and contact information to a friend or family member
  • Notify bank and credit card companies of your plans to travel abroad
  • Attend all mandatory meetings and carefully review the information provided
  • Review our online pre-departure orientation information 

Cadet Notes

  • Rings - Orders for rings are placed during the spring semester for rising seniors
    • If a student is a rising senior and studying abroad during the spring semester they are advised to submit their ring applications prior to departure 
    • If you have any questions about this process please contact Ms. Laura Irick via email at
  • Rank: If you are interested in applying for rank for the next academic year please follow the instructions at the following link and be sure to let them know you are studying abroad so appropriate arrangements can be made

Additional Resources


Resources for Students While Abroad

Course Registration While Abroad

  • All study abroad students should regularly check their Citadel email for notifications and campus updates while they are abroad. 
  • Students abroad will receive emails from the Citadel's registrars office regarding information for pre-advising and pre-registration for the next semester (on which they will be back on the Citadel's campus)
  • All courses, course information, and registration tools will be available in the student's Lesesne Gateway. Students abroad are responsible for registering themselves for their classes for the next semester via Lesesne Gateway
  • The dates for registration are also available on the registrar's website, 
*Students are responsible for communicating with their academic advisor at The Citadel to be advised about course selection/academic plans prior to pre-registration.

Protocol for Responding to Sexual Assault or Harassment Reports Abroad

  • In the event that a program participant reports being sexually assaulted or harassed while abroad, your first responsibility is the immediate physical and emotional well-being of the student. 
  • Your next responsibility, in compliance with The Citadel’s policies, is to report the incident to the appropriate college officials as soon as possible.
  • The link above is the protocol for responding to reports of sexual violence. If at any time you have questions or concerns about the process, please contact Janet Shealy (843-425-1315) who will guide you in your efforts to address the issue.

Rank Boards

If you are interested in applying for rank for the next academic year and are studying abroad during the spring semester, please follow the instructions at the following link and be sure to let them know you are studying abroad so appropriate arrangements can be made, .


If you will be abroad during an election and wish to vote absentee please visit the Federal Voting Assistance Program's website and sign up to vote absentee while you are abroad.

Return to Campus

General Academic/Financial Considerations

  • Transcripts
    • If you will be earning credit from an institution other than The Citadel, you are responsible for providing the institution with the mailing address to send your transcript: 
      • The Citadel: Military College of South Carolina
        171 Moultrie Street, Charleston SC 29409
        Attn: Lisa Blake
    • Please be patient as we wait to receive your transcript. International institutions operate on different timelines than those in the United States. It may take up to three (3) months for your transcript to arrive. We will process your transcript as soon as possible. 
  • Financial Aid
    • Please contact The Citadel's Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships regarding any questions about your award package, scholarships, and payment plans. 

Logan Miller, ’19
Studied abroad in Ecuador, Spain, and Lithuania


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