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Budget Guidelines

BUDGET GUIDELINES (Revised 4/15/2020)

Your detailed proposal should clearly outline how funds will be spent. Expenses must be itemized and you must supply supporting materials to justify all budget items, including airfare quotes, documentation of registration and workshop fee, conference schedule showing meals covered, proof of mileage, etc.

Student Wages: Undergraduates will be paid SC state’s current minimum wage per hour and Graduate students may be paid up to $3 more than state’s current minimum per hour.  Justification must be provided if the hourly rate exceeds these limits.  Workman's compensation for students is minimal.

Research Fees:The following may be included: page costs and similar fees, and postage. Professional membership dues, honorariums, and pay to the principal investigator may not be included.

Office Supplies: Include items which are needed to complete your research project but which are not available from your department. This includes funds for photocopying, expendable computer supplies (paper), special research related software, notebooks, etc. Does not include hardware, computers, laptop, iPads or accessories.

Educational Supplies: Include items such as glassware, chemicals, books, or manuscripts not otherwise available, and video tapes, etc.  Shipping costs and taxes on the aforementioned items should be included here.  Food (meals and refreshments) may not be included.

Travel to Conduct Research: You must provide a separate budget for each trip you plan to take for conducting research.  Travel to one’s family area should not occur during  holidays even if research is the primary purpose.  See Citadel Travel Information for details on travel policy.

NOTE: Each trip should list funds for transportation, lodging, meals, parking, etc.

Budget Templates: If you anticipate an extended research trip, please contact your SSM Faculty Grant Committee departmental representative for additional details on the information the committee will need.

The current "Travel Reimbursement Document" should also be consulted.

Research Equipment: This item must be fully explained as it will always be questioned. It will be important to determine whether the equipment you need can be rented or borrowed from another institution, etc. The cost of computers and office equipment may not be included.

Other: Provide a detailed budget breakout for any other expenses related to your research.

All equipment and supplies purchased with Citadel funding for the purpose of research during tenure at the Citadel, are the property of the Citadel. All faculty who receive TCF funding for research are expected to have quantifiable outcomes (e.g. support undergraduate research, presentations, peer reviewed publications, external grant funding, collaborations, etc.). If you have not produced any of the outcomes listed and have received funding continuously year after year, you will not be granted funding.

The committee will review all requests to ensure these guidelines are met.


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