The Military College of South Carolina
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Readmission Requirements

***Cadet readmission is currently contingent upon availability in the barracks***
***Items listed with '***' pertain to cadet readmission applicants ONLY***

Step 1. Fill out the appropriate application / supply the required items listed below-

1. Undergraduate Day Readmission Application or CTP Readmission Application
2. Letter of Intent
3. DD214 (if returning from military leave)
4. Official transcripts from all colleges the student has attended since leaving The Citadel.
5.*** Copy of the front and back of your medical insurance card***
6.*** Medical Certification Statement***
7.*** Medical Emergency Form***
8.*** Medical History and Physical Examination Form***
        ***(only required under the following circumstances)
             a)You have been separated from The Citadel for a period greater than one year
             b)You were discharged as a result of a medical problem
             c)You have experienced medical problems since last attending The Citadel

Step 2. Submit your complete application & supporting documents-

fax: (843) 953-7029
mail: The Citadel: Office of The Registrar, 171 Moultrie Street, Charleston SC 29409.

Step 3. Pay nonrefundable Application Fee of $40.00

This is payable by personal check or money order made out to 'The Citadel'.
Do not send payment information for the application fee electronically

Application Fee Due Dates: 
Fall: June 1st
Spring: October 1st
Summer: March 1st

If a deadline falls on a Saturday or Sunday, it is extended to the next business day.

Any application submitted after the deadline will be subject to a $50.00 late readmission application fee in addition to the on-time application fee for a total of $90.00.

Step 4. Once your complete application has been submitted to the Registrar's Office, the Readmission Coordinator will oversee clearance by the Treasurer's Office.

Step 5. Once you have been cleared by the Treasurer's Office, the Readmission Coordinator will oversee clearance by the Infirmary.

Step 6. Applicants returning from a honorable discharge or voluntary separation are not required to have a personal interview. If you are returning from an academic or conduct related discharge, please see below. If not, skip to step 7.

a. If returning from an academic discharge, the applicant will need to complete an interview with the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs.
b.*** If returning from a conduct related discharge, the applicant will need to complete an interview with the Assistant Commandant for Discipline.***

Step 7. The Registrar's Office will reach out to you regarding your readmission application decision.

- You cannot register for the term you are applying for readmission until your readmission application has been approved. 
- ***The Commandant's Office determines all company placements.*** 

Points of Contact

Primary: Office of the Registrar, or (843) 953-6969

Office of Financial Aid (843) 953-5187

Infirmary (843) 953-6847

Office of the Treasurer (843) 953-5254


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