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Chinese Language & Culture: Study Abroad Scholarships

Due to the generosity of an Institutional Grant courtesy of the Department of Defense, the National Security Education Program and the Institute of International Education, The Citadel is pleased to offer approximately 14 scholarships for outstanding commission-track cadets to study Chinese abroad during the summer or semester in AY 2010-11.

Eligibility Requirements
Outstanding Citadel commission-track students--both contracted and those currently applying for an ROTC-contract as confirmed by The Citadel's ROTC Department--who have completed at least one Chinese language course (101/102, 201/202) at The Citadel.

In the spring of 2010, the Chinese Language & Culture Scholarship Committee comprising four members of the faculty and staff from three departments will select recipients of these scholarships following the March 1, 2010 application deadline. The Chinese Language & Culture Scholarship Committee will determine the exact number of scholarship recipients based on the applicant pool and available funding. Applicants will be notified around April 1, 2010. Awardees will coordinate their study abroad plans through Dr. Mark P. Del Mastro, Head of Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures, and Major Robert Pickering, Director of International Studies.

Awardees will participate in programs approved by the Head of Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures and the Director of International Studies. The following are some of the programs that applicants might wish to consider when composing their applications (other programs not listed here may also be acceptable):
ROTC Project Go (resource for numerous DoD-funded summer programs)
IES, Study Abroad: Beijing, China

Responsibilities of Applicants and Awardees
By submitting this application, the candidate must fully intend to accept and use the scholarship for the study of Chinese language and culture abroad in China or Taiwan and in a program officially sanctioned by The Citadel through Dr. Mark P. Del Mastro, Head of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures, and Major Robert Pickering, Director of International Studies.

Awardees who are Army-ROTC or AFROTC cadets may not study abroad during their last semester at The Citadel; Army-ROTC cadets may not study abroad during their spring semester of junior year. Other restrictions may apply, therefore study abroad plans must be coordinated closely with the corresponding ROTC commanding officer at The Citadel.

If the awardee fails to complete the program for which he/she has been granted with this award, or if he/she does not decline the award by April 1, 2010 and in time to grant the award to another candidate, the awardee will be called upon to reimburse The Citadel for the full amount of the scholarship.

By submitting their application, the candidate also understands that if he/she receives this award, he/she will e-mail in MS Word format a detailed account of their cultural experience of approximately 1000 words to the Head of Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures within two weeks of completion of the study abroad program for which they have received this scholarship.

Official Application Form: Include with this form a one-page narrative that describes your proposed study abroad program in as much detail as possible: name and city of the institute with which you will be affiliated, the dates of your prospective stay, representative plane fare (include a quote), and estimated costs associated with instruction, food and lodging, and any travel within the country. This information is very important so the committee might determine award amounts.

Related questions: e-mail Dr. Mark P. Del Mastro, Head of Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures, The Citadel

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