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Spanish Upper-level

301:Spanish Conversation
302: Advanced Spanish Composition
303: Readings in Spanish Civilization 
304: Readings in Spanish American Civilization
305: Introduction to the Study of Hispanic Literature
306: Medical Spanish
307: Business Spanish
308: Spanish Business Correspondence
309: Spanish for Law Enforcement
310: Survey of Spanish Peninsular Literature
320: Survey of Spanish American Literature
420: Medieval Spanish Literature
421: The Golden Age of Spanish Literature
423: 18th & 19th Century Literature of Spain
424: Contemporary Spanish Narrative
425: Contemporary Spanish American Fiction
426: Contemporary Spanish American Poetry
427: 19th Century Spanish American Literature
428: Contemporary Spanish Poetry
450: Undergraduate Seminar: Studies in Special Topics*
450:02 Fall 2018: Latin American Film
460: Internship in Hispanic Language and Culture**

*Can also be taken with The Citadel's summer program in Spain and The Citadel's maymester program in Latin America. The "450" course number DOES NOT mean that this class is designed to be more advanced or rigorous than the other 400-level courses. Click here for the course description for the 450 course offered in the fall of 2006.

**Permission of Spanish Section Chief and Department Head required.



Diccionario Anaya (Spanish-English/English-Spanish dictionaries)
Typing diacritical marks for IBM compatible systems (ñ, á, é, í, ó, ú, ü, ¿, ¡)
Periódicos hispanos
Free Online Spanish Tutorial
Interactive Spanish Grammar Excercises

301 Advanced Spanish Conversation

Fall 2019 Syllabus & Calendar (Dr. Bahk)
Fall 2017 Syllabus (Dr. Hellín) 

302 Advanced Spanish Composition

Spring 2019 Syllabus (Dr. Andrade)
Spring 2018 Syllabus (Dr. Bahk)

303 Readings in Spanish Civilization

Fall 2016 Syllabus and Calendar (Dr. Medina)
Spring 2014 Syllabus and Calendar (Dr. Bahk)
Fall 2011 Syllabus (Dr. Medina)

304 Readings in Spanish American Civilization

Fall 2019 Syllabus (Dr. Andrade)
Fall 2017 Syllabus
(Dr. Urroz )
Fall 2015 Syllabus (Dr. Roca-Martínez)

305 Intro to the Study of Hispanic Literature

Fall 2019 Calendar & Syllabus (Dr. Medina)
Spring 2018 Syllabus (Dr. Andrade)
Fall 2016 Syllabus (Dr. Bahk)

306: Medical Spanish

Fall 2019 Syllabus (Dr. Hellin)

307 Business Spanish

Spring 2016 Syllabus (Dr. Medina)
Spring 2014 Syllabus (Dr. Hellín-García)

308 Business Spanish Correspondence

Spring 2015 Syllabus (Dr. Segle)
Spring 2013 Syllabus (Dr. Hellín-García)

309 Spanish for Law Enforcement

Spring 2018 Syllabus (Dr. Hellín-García)

310 Survey of Spanish Peninsular Literature

Fall 2013 Syllabus and Calendar (Dr. Segle)
Spring 2009 Syllabus and Calendar (Dr. Segle)

320pring Survey Spanish American Literature

Spring 2018 Syllabus (Dr. Roca-Martínez)
Spring 2011 Syllabus (Dr. Andrade)

420 Medieval Spanish Literature

Fall 2017 Syllabus (Dr. Segle)

421 The Golden Age of Spanish Literature

Fall 2019 Syllabus (Dr. Segle)
Spring 2016 Syllabus
(Dr. Segle)

423 18th & 19th Century Literature of Spain

Spring 2014 Syllabus (Dr. Medina)
Fall 2008 Syllabus and Calendar (Dr. Del Mastro)

424 Contemporary Spanish Narrative

Spring 2015 Syllabus (Dr. Medina)
Spring 2010 Syllabus and Calendar (Dr. Medina)

425 Contemporary Spanish American Fiction

Spring 2019 Syllabus (Dr. Urroz)
Spring 2017 Syllabus
(Dr. Urroz)

427 19th Century Spanish American Literature

Fall 2018 Syllabus (Dr. Urroz)
Fall 2016 Syllabus
(Dr Roca)

428 Contemporary Spanish Poetry

Fall 2014 Syllabus (Dr. Bahk)

450 Studies in Special Topics

Spring 2020: Syllabus & Calendar (Dr; Hellin)
Fall 2018
: Cine Latinoamericano (Dr. Roca-Martinez)
Spring 2018 Syllabus
(Dr. Urroz)
Fall 2017 Syllabus (Dr. Roca-Martínez)
Fall 2017 Syllabus (Dr. Bahk)
Spring 2017 Syllabus (Dr. Hellín-García)
Fall 2016 Syllabus (Dr. Hellín-García)
Fall 2016 Syllabus (Dr Andrade)
Spring 2016 Syllabus (Dr. Hellín-García)
Spring 2016 Syllabus (Dr. Urroz)
Fall 2015 Syllabus (Dr. Medina)
Spring 2015 Syllabus (Dr. Roca-Martínez)
Fall 2014 Syllabus (Dr. Hellín-García)
Fall 2014 Syllabus (Dr. Segle)
Fall 2013 Syllabus (Dr. Bahk)
Spring 2012 Syllabus and Calendar (Dr. Medina)
Spring 2012 Syllabus (Dr. Skow)

460 Internship in Hispanic Language and Culture

Fall 2019 Syllabus and Application (Pr. Blanco & Dr. Medina)
Spring 2019 (Pr. Blanco & Dr. Medina)

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