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Upcoming Events
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Upcoming Events




The Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures invites you to join us for a presentation by Dr. George Greenia, Professor of Spanish at the College of William and Mary, on The Medieval Book. The event will be held in the Museum Reading Room on the third floor of Daniel Library on Thursday, October 29 from 7:00PM to 8:00 PM.  Dr. Greenia’s presentation will entail an interactive demonstration of the materials used in bookmaking during the Middle Ages.

dr. greenia and cadet scarborough 

Modern Languages Banquet: Tuesday, April 14, 2015 6:00 PM-8:00 PM, in the Riverview Room; Dress Whites (full collar). 
Colonel David Chapman, Commandant of the Defense Language Institute (Monterey, CA), and Citadel Alumni, our Guest of Honor, gave a talk on the importance of studying languages both for the Military and the civilian society. The Students were impressed, and many seized this unique opportunity to ask him for career and study advice. Thank you, Col. Chapman! Col. David Chapman's biography

Douglas Hofstadter, Distinguished Professor of Cognitive Science and Comparative Literature at Indiana University and Pulitzer Prize winning author of Gödel, Escher, Bach: The Eternal Golden Braid, will give a lecture “Do Machines Understand? Could Machines Ever Understand?” at The Citadel on Tuesday, January 27 at 7:00 p.m. in Duckett Hall Auditorium. Abstract, FlyerDouglas Hofstadter's biography, Press Release.


The Citadel welcomes 15 new members of the French Honor Society. The 2014 Pi Delta Phi Initiation took place on December 4th at Dr. Toubiana's house.

On November 19th, the Modern Languages Clubs participated in the World Culture Fair at the Medical University of South Carolina and shared some delicious food from all over the world. Drs. He and Woo (Chinese), Smith and Strobbe (French), Emm (German) and Roca-Martinez (Spanish) accompanied the Cadets.

In June 2010, The Citadel's chapter of Sigma Delta Pi, the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society, published its 22nd issue of El Cid, a national, refereed journal in Spanish dedicated to original works of undergraduate and graduate students. Cadet Nicole Martinoli served as Editor for this issue; Dr. Mark P. Del Mastro is the journal's founding Director.

On February 23, Professor Amy Emm conducted the inaugural event of the Delta Phi Alpha Speaker Series, a forum for students to further explore academic, military and community connections to German at the Citadel. The series is organized under the auspices of The Citadel's Kappa Mu chapter of the National German Honorary Society, Delta Phi Alpha, in accordance with the Society’s goal of promoting German language, literature and culture in a broad communal context. Chaplain Harris and his wife addressed approximately 50 cadets about the importance of immersing oneself in another culture and particularly the benefits of learning German for both military and civilian lives.

On Saturday, February 20 from 1:00-4:00pm at the Simons Center at the College of Charleston, the 1st annual Chinese Speech Contest was held as a joint effort of The Cooper School, the College of Charleston's School of Languages, Cultures and World Affairs, and The Citadel's Department of Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures. Plans for this endeavor began early last fall with Professor Yan Cao, Adjunct Professor of Chinese, co-directing and co-organizing. Several of our students of Chinese attended the event and were honored with several awards during the closing ceremonies.

Charleston is serving as the disembarkation point for earthquake victims entering America from Haiti. Along with French students Pierre Frazile, Sarah Creel, William Owens, Angela Yenca, Eric Clark, and Kate Hardina, Dr. Cathy Jellenik has joined a team of Francophones in the Charleston community to act as interpreters for arriving Haitians. On February 7, 2010, Professor Jellenik collaborated with this relief effort by assisting Haitians with filling out forms, speaking to doctors about medical needs, talking with travel agents about flight accommodations, and communicating with government officials about financial needs. Dr. Jellenik and her students remain on call for the rest of February.

The Citadel's chapter of Sigma Delta Pi crowned Mrs. Elizabeth Sanderson of Lakewood High School as the winner of the 5th Annual South Carolina Spanish Teacher of the Year Award. Click here for the official press release. All three finalists were recognized in an awards ceremony on campus the evening of November 12, 2009. For its May 11 (click here) and November 1 (click here) podcasts, South Carolina ETV Radio's "Speaking of Schools" interviewed Dr. Del Mastro, Founding Director, about this teacher of the year program.

On October 19, 2009 at 4:00pm in Buyer Auditorium, an informative session for ROTC-contract students was held regarding The Citadel's Chinese language program and the 2010 Chinese study abroad scholarships.

The Institute of International Education of the U.S. Department of Defense awarded The Citadel $201,726 to bolster its Chinese language and culture program. See the official press release for further details: Thanks to this grant, The Citadel is pleased to announce its 2010 Chinese study abroad scholarship program for qualifying ROTC-contract students.

On July 8, 2009, the S.C. State Board of Education officially approved the department's foreign language teaching certification program effective for the fall of 2009. In cooperation with the School of Education, the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures now has three new tracks under its current B.A. program: K-12 certification in French, German and Spanish.

The May 2009 issue of Le Gaulois Littéraire, the official student journal of the French Section, is now available online. Thanks to Drs. Guy Toubiana and Cathy Jellenik, the journal's directorship, for their exceptional work in preparing this issue. Dr. Toubiana founded the journal in 1995.

The American Society of the French Legion of Honor granted The Citadel's French program $5,000 to be used toward undergraduate scholarships for Modern Languages' French Summer Study Program in 2010.

Throughout April and May 2009, The Citadel's chapter of Sigma Delta Pi, the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society, conducted its annual Merit Certificate program for outstanding high school students of Spanish throughout South Carolina.


Dr. Eloy Urroz's new book of essays, "La Trama Incesante" ("The Ceaseless Plot") just got published by Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. (Mexico: UNAM, 2015). 

On July 1, 2010, Dr. Guy Toubiana began a one year appointment as Interim Head of the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures. He replaces Dr. Mark P. Del Mastro who became Chair and Professor of the Hispanic Studies Department at the College of Charleston on the same date. Professor Del Mastro leaves The Citadel after 18 years of service to the Military College of South Carolina. His new e-mail address:

Dr. Elba Andrade's article "El santuario de Caguach: la peregrinación como communitas" has been published in the journal Cultura de y desde Chiloé.

From June 27-July 2, 2010, Dr. Cathy Jellenik will be in Paris, France interviewing French translator Tanya Leslie for a manuscript she is preparing on translation.

For his outstanding overall contributions to Germanic Studies, Dr. Albert E. Gurganus was bestowed the Federal Republic of Germany Friendship Award during the college's awards convocation on May 6, 2010. Constance S. Heery, Director of Communications of the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Atlanta was in attendance to recognize Professor Gurganus and present this prestigious international award. A reception followed in the Modern Languages Seminar Room where family, friends, colleagues, college deans and the provost toasted Al's achievement.

Dr. Eloy Urroz traveled to the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Sur in Mexico where he participated in the Feria del Libro as guest author and speaker on April 26, 2010.

On April 22-23, 2010, Professor Del Mastro visited Truman State University in Kirksville, MO, to serve as an invited external reviewer of the institution's Spanish program.

For his 21 years of outstanding service as a faculty member at The Citadel, Dr. Al Gurganus was honored at a special luncheon on April 19, 2010. At the conclusion of the event, Provost Sam Hines bestowed the title of Professor Emeritus upon Professor Gurganus who retires at the conclusion of the spring 2010 semester. The Citadel and the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures will indeed miss Colonel Gurganus.

At the 63rd Annual Kentucky Foreign Language Conference (April 15-17, 2010), Drs. Del Mastro, Sara Fernández Medina, Zane U. Segle and Eloy Urroz presented the following papers respectively: "Knowing Carmen Laforet: Música blanca by Cristina Cerezales Laforet," "Mas allá de las palabras: Juego metafórico y travestismo en la novela de Rosa Montero Historia del rey transparente," "Recasting the Crescent Moon: (Mis)representing Islam in Pérez de Hita's Guerras Civilies de Granada," and "Eloy Sanchez Rosillo, poeta elegíaco." At the same conference, Dr. Del Mastro conducted the 8th annual Sigma Delta Pi Informative Session along with the inaugural Sigma Delta Pi reception for Society members and guests.

Dr. Cathy Jellenik's paper "Annie Ernaux Breaks the Silence: Saying the Unsayable in L’Evénement" was accepted for inclusion in the program of the annual Modern Language Association Convention to be held January 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

Dr. Mark P. Del Mastro has accepted an invitation to be the keynote speaker at the 3rd Annual Coker College Undergraduate Humanities Research Conference in February 2011.

On March 11-13, 2010, at the 34th annual meeting of the Philological Association of the Carolinas at the College of Charleston, during the conference banquet Dr. Al Gurganus gave the keynote address: "Connecting the Humanities with Humanity." Also at the conference, Professors Elba Andrade, Amy Emm and Katya Skow presented the following papers respectively: "Los araucanos de Francisco Bibao: La proyección utópica de la Araucania"; "Music in Kleist's Penthesilea"; "Teaching Die Brucke (1959: 105 minutes) in Intermediate German Language Classes."

Professor Zane U. Segle's article "Criticizing the Relaciones de sucesos: Lope de Vega's Plea to the Benevolent Reader in the Prologue of the Festival of Saint Isidore" has been accepted for publication in The South Carolina Modern Language Review.

On March 4-5, 2010, Drs. Zane U. Segle and Mark P. Del Mastro participated in the ROTC Project GO (Language & Culture Project) Leadership Conference in Tempe, Arizona.

For his extensive service to the Hispanoamerican Society of Charleston, Dr. Del Mastro was granted "life membership" in the organization in March 2010.

Dr. Cathy Jellenik's article "A (Mis)Translation of Politics, from L'Evénement to Happening"? has been accepted for publication in Women in French Studies.

Dr. Del Mastro has been appointed founding Editorial Board member of Miríada Hispánica, a literary journal of the University of Virginia's Hispanic Studies Program in Valencia, Spain.

Professor Del Mastro's article "The Female Struggle for Identity and Autonomy in Carmen Laforet's La llamada" has been accepted for publication in the spring/summer 2010 issue of The South Carolina Modern Language Review.

The 11th issue of Decimonónica was published in January 2010. Dr. Del Mastro is founding Co-Director of this refereed, online journal of 19th century Hispanic cultural production.

Dr. Eloy Urroz's article "Apiñamiento, apelotonamiento, apeñuscamiento en la Primera parte de El Quijote" was published in October 2009 in XIX Coloquio Cervantino Internacional: El Quijote, perspectivas del siglo XXI.

On November 4, 2009, via video-conference, Professor Urroz collaborated in a graduate seminar on Contemporary Latin American Literature at Ohio State University where he is considered "one of the most representative authors of the contemporary Mexican literary scene..."

Dr. Urroz was an invited participant in the 14th Annual WordFest: Banff-Calgary International Writers Festival held October 13-19, 2009.

On October 8-10, 2009, Dr. Mark P. Del Mastro attended the 59th Annual Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conference at Furman University where he discussed the topic of e-journals as an invited panelist in the roundtable session "The State of Academic Publishing Today"; he also presented his paper "The Unsettled Search: Identity in Carmen Laforet's Novels" in the session "Questions of Identity in 21st Century Spanish Narrative."

Dr. Juan Bahk's Korean translation of the Spaniard A. P. Alencart's poetry was published in the book Savia de las Antípodas by Editorial Verbum (Madrid) in September 2009.

Dr. Al Gurganus' article "Competing in the Global Village: Preparing Cadets for Fellowships" appeared in the fall 2009 issue of the annual publication The Citadel.

A fine review of Dr. Eloy Urroz's latest novel Fricción was published in the fall 2009 issue of the Mexican journal Estudios.

In September 2009, a review of the book German Literature in a New Century. Trends, Traditions, Transitions, Transformations (eds. Katharina Gerstenberger and Patricia Herminghouse. New York and Oxford: Berghan Books, 2008) was published at H-Net: click here for review. With Julia Karolle-Berg, Dr. Katya Skow co-authored "From Frauenliteratur to Frauenliteraturbetrieb: Marketing Literature to German Women in the Twenty-First Century," which appears in the aforementioned book.

The 10th issue of Decimonónica was published in September 2009. Prof. Del Mastro is founding Co-Director of this refereed, online journal of 19th century Hispanic cultural production.

Dr. Katya Skow's article “Of Superbroads, Rented Men, and Champagne Diets: Hera Lind and the New German Women’s Novel,” has been published in the winter 2008 issue of Popular Culture Review.

Dr. Zane U. Segle's article "(Re)imagining Ramadan: The Significance of Festival Discourse in Pérez de Hita's Guerras civiles de Granada" has been published in the spring 2009 issue of Letras Hispanas.

On Friday, August 28, 2009 in the Sottile Mezzanine, Dr. Cathy Jellenik lead a roundtable discussion on education after the 7:30pm showing of THE CLASS (Entre les murs) during the College of Charleston French Film Festival.

Dr. Guy Toubiana's article "Casanova magicien ou la fabrication d’un mythe" was published in the summer 2009 issue of the Romance Quarterly.

The Executive Board of the Philological Association of the Carolinas (PAC) has invited Dr. Al Gurganus to deliver the keynote address at next year's PAC convention, to be held March 11-13, 2010 on the campus of The College of Charleston.

Congratulations to Dr. Juan Bahk who was granted a military promotion to Colonel effective August 16, 2009.


Alumni & Current Students



On April 16, 2010, Cadet Noah Koubenec (Spanish and Political Science '10), Chapter President of Sigma Delta Pi at The Citadel, was a panelist in the Sigma Delta Pi Informative Session at the Kentucky Foreign Language Conference where he presented on the activities of his award-winning chapter.

Cadet Noah Koubenec, Spanish and Political Science major, has been named one of sixty recipients nationwide of the Truman Scholarship. In the same week of March 29, 2010, Click here for press release. Noah also learned that he was one of 30 U.S. awardees of Sigma Delta Pi's national summer scholarship program for 2010. In June and July, Noah will study for four weeks at the Academia Latinoamericana in Quito, Ecuador. Click here for press release.

Cadets Ryan Adams, Joshua Green, Leland Hart, and Stephen Kinn attended the annual meeting of the Philological Association of the Carolinas, March 11-13, 2010 at The College of Charleston.

Cadets Ashley Washington, Benny Huerta, Pierre Frazile, Colt Fossum, Sarah Creel, and Eric Clark, members of the French Honor Society, Pi Delta Phi, along with Dr. Jellenik, have begun a French Club at Orange Grove Elementary Charter School in West Ashley. They began meeting with the elementary school students on Thursday March 11th for 90 a 90 minute session and will continue to meet once a week for the remainder of the semester. The fee charged to Orange Grove students is used as a fundraiser for the school.

On Tuesday, March 9, 2010, the following students were inducted as the newest members of The Citadel's Tau Iota Chapter of Sigma Delta Pi, the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society: Sophia Bay, Manuel Camargo, Erinn Carter, Ryan DuBiel, Anthony Garcia, Richard Gehricke, Leleia Hsia, Theresa Johansen, Evan Minshew, Michael Monaghan, Gregory Nolan, Brendan Prince and Eric Teitloff.

On Saturday, February 27, 2010 at the North Charleston Coliseum, Cadets Steven Southworth, Patrick Rein and Curtis Ayers, all students of Professor Lawn's Intermediate Spanish II course, volunteered their time in collaboration with the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) to entertain Hispanic children with coloring, reading, puppet shows and car races while parents received one-on-one attention from medical and nursing students from MUSC's Alliance for Hispanic Health organization. Cadet engagement with the children was done completely in Spanish. Click here for pictures.

On Saturday, February 20 from 1-4:00pm at the Simons Center at the College of Charleston, the 1st annual Chinese Speech Contest was held as a joint effort of The Cooper School, the College of Charleston's School of Languages, Cultures and World Affairs, and The Citadel's Department of Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures. The following Citadel students earned awards in the intermediate language level, college division: Charles Sackett and Jonathan Ramaci, 1st place; Tyler Thornton, 1st place; Charles Smith, 2nd place; Harry Edelman, 2nd place; Lance Hill and Stephen Spalding, 2nd place; Richard Own, 3rd place; Kenneth Faust & Matthew Phillips, 3rd place; Chase Beat, 3rd place.

On "Fat Tuesday," February 16th 2010, Cadets Kate Hardina, Colt Fossum, Benny Huerta, Ashley Washington, Sarah Creel, Eric Clark, Pierre Frazile, Joshua Lee, and Logan Moran celebrated Mardi Gras with a jambalaya/gumbo/king cake fest at Dr. Cathy Jellenik's house. Fun was had by all!

Cadet Eric Aragone, French minor, has been awarded an Olmsted Cadet Travel and Cultural Immersion Program Grant for summer study abroad at the Institut Linguistique Du Peyou in Montpellier, France in 2010. For his related expenses, Mr. Aragone will receive $4,250: $3,500 courtesy of the Olmsted Foundation, $750 courtesy of The Citadel. This program is only open to outstanding sophomore and junior, commission-track cadets who are enrolled in at least an intermediate-level language course in French, German, or Spanish.

Cadet Nicole L. Martinoli has been named Editor of El Cid, the national journal of the The Citadel's Tau Iota chapter of Sigma Delta Pi.

15 students are enrolled in Dr. Urroz's "Creative Writing in Spanish" class in the spring 2010 semester. This is the second consecutive year that Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures has offered this unique course for advanced students of Spanish.

Cadet Diana Bonete, Mr. Harold Coats and Cadet Bryan Kant are enrolled in the department's spring 2010 Internship in Hispanic Language & Culture (Spanish 460). Working with Hispanics in the Charleston community, Coats and Kant are assisting interpreters and translating for the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC); Bonete is assisting Gibson Law Firm in North Charleston with their Spanish-speaking clients.

Led by Dr. Elba Andrade, select Spanish majors and minors participated in a dramatic reading of The Wizard of Oz during the November 12 awards ceremony for the S.C. Spanish Teacher of the Year.

Cadets Michael Monaghan, Lana Moore and Bryan Kant were interns during the fall 2009 semester at Jabar Communications (Hispanic media). An example of their work with video production software is viewable at the following link: click here.

On Thursday. 22 October, Dr. Katya Skow accompanied cadets in her Austrian Literature Seminar to “An Evening of 20th-Century German Poetry” sponsored by the Department of German and Slavic Studies of the College of Charleston. Students read poems by their favorite German and Austrian authors and then mingled with students and faculty from the College of Charleston at the reception.

On Friday, 16 October, Professor Skow accompanied the cadets in her seminar on Austrian literature to the College of Charleston to hear a talk by Bachmann scholar Dr. Kirsten Krick-Aigner of Wofford College. The talk was followed by a reception where members of the audience were encouraged to mingle and ask questions.

Luis Barredo (Spanish & East Asian Studies minors, '09) is currently working in South Gate, CA as a distribution center manager for MAERSK, the largest marine shipping company in the world.

In June 2009, The Citadel's Tau Iota Chapter of Sigma Delta Pi was one of only 9 chapters nationwide to be selected as "Honor Chapters" by the National Executive Committee. This is the 17th consecutive year that The Citadel's group has earned this distinction. There are 564 total chapters in the U.S. and Canada. Cadets Richard Doelling, Alexander Johnson and Valentín Boza served as the chapter President, Vice-President and Secretary respectively for the 2008-09 academic year. Dr. Mark P. Del Mastro founded Tau Iota in January 1993, and he still serves as Chapter Adviser along with Dr. Sara Fernández Medina. Click here for official press release.

Bradford C. Greer (B.A., Spanish, '00) is a Spanish teacher at the Upper School of Christ Church Episcopal School in Greenville, South Carolina.

Mr. Javier Yudice (Spanish '06) is currently a Spanish teacher at Brashier Middle College Charter High School in Simpsonville, S.C.

Cadet Julius Siler (French '09) was chosen by the Dean and Department Heads of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences as the innaugural recipient of the Joseph P. Riley, Jr. Award, which will be presented annually to the graduating senior in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences "who best represents the commitment to academic excellence, the breadth of intellectual interests, and the dedication to public service exemplified by the life and career of Joseph P. Riley, Jr., Citadel Class of 1964; State Legislator (1968-1974); and Mayor of Charleston, 1975-present."

In April 2009, Cadets Diana Bonete, Lidia Bonete, Justin Caldwell, Lynn Fleming and Christopher Thurmond, completed the department's annual Internship in Hispanic Language & Culture (Spanish 460). Working with Hispanics in the Charleston community, participating cadets assisted interpreters and translated for the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), helped with developing literacy programs for Hispanic families with the Children's Care Clinic of MUSC, and worked with a local Hispanic television station (of Jabbar Communications).

At the 30th anniversary induction reception of the academic honor society Phi Kappa Phi on Sunday, April 19, 2009 from 5-7pm in the Regimental Commanders Riverview Room, Dr. Albert E. Gurganus, Chapter President, recognized multiple members of the Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures Department for their achievments. Cadet Louis Richard Doelling, Chapter Student Vice-President, was recognized as a Phi Kappa Phi National Award Nominee, and Mr. John M. Alexander (German '03) was named a Distinguished Service Award Recipient. Dr. Eloy Urroz was honored as a faculty initiate of Phi Kappa Phi.

Cadets John T. Marcus and Julius Grady Siler (French '09) have been offered a French Ministry of Education English Teaching Assistantships. Click here for official press release.

At 5:00pm on April 2 in Capers 212, Mr. Brandon Hall (Spanish '04) spoke about his international education experiences in Spain and Latin America with his presentation "Around the World in 80 Days: Study Abroad at The Citadel and Beyond." The event was open to The Citadel community. Mr. Hall later addressed attendees at the 17th annual Modern Languages Awards Banquet at 6:40 pm in Coward Hall with another presentation entitled "Atravesando Fronteras: The Importance of Foreign Language in Today's Global World."

Charles "Chip" Knisley (Spanish '06) is currently in southeastern Iowa working for the Social Security Administration as a bilingual claims representative.

Cadet John T. Marcus (French '09) is enrolled in the French M.A. program at the University of Colorado at Boulder with a teaching assistantship.

Cadet Richard Doelling (Spanish '09) is currently enrolled in the Hispanic Studies M.A. program at the University of Colorado at Boulder with a teaching assistantship.

Jonathan H. Poole (Spanish '08) is working in the Pentagon for a private contractor as a Defense Analyst on Latin America.

Cassandra Cortés (B.A., Spanish and Psychology, '06) is enrolled in the M.Ed. program for Educational Psychology at the University of Houston.

Anderson Stewart (B.A., Spanish, '03) is enrolled in the Spanish Ph.D. program at the University of Kentucky with a teaching assistantship.

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