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Study the Past. Lead the Future.
D-Day Normandy Invasion of 1944
Study the Past. Lead the Future.
Naval Fleet

Online M.A. Curriculum

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Curriculum ~ 30 Credit Hours                                          

Introduction to Military History (6 Hours)

  • Methods and the Historiography of Military History
  • Strategic Thinkers and Military Intellectuals

Foundations in Military History (9 Hours)    

  • Leadership in the Crucible of War          Click on Image below - Program Requirementsprogram requirements
  • US Military
  • Non-Western Military History  
  • Irregular Warfare 
  • Naval and Amphibious Warfare
  • The History of Airpower 

Conflict Studies (6 Hours - choose 2)  

  • Greco-Roman Warfare
  • The Hundred Years' War
  • French & Indian War (Global 7 Years' War)
  • American Revolution
  • Napoleonic Wars
  • American Civil War
  • American Indian Wars                                    Dr. Preston teaching graduate students.
  • World War I
  • World War II in Europe and AfricaDr. Preston teaches graduate students online.
  • World War II in the Pacific
  • The Resistance in World War II
  • The Red Army
  • The Vietnam War                                               
  • The Global Cold War
  • Global Cold War on Terrorism
  • Arab-Israeli Conflict                     
  • Special Topic: Conflict Studies                       

War and Society (3 Hours - Choose 1)

  • History of War and Society in Early China
  • The Samurai and the Japanese Military Tradition  
  • The Viking Military Tradition
  • King Alfred's Wars
  • War and Society in Early Modern Europe, 1350-1650
  • The Dutch Revolt
  • War and Society in the Age of Total War
  • The Double-V Campaign: African Americans in World War II
  • Social Movements in the Vietnam Era
  • The Modern Middle East
  • Military Coups and Dictators in Latin America
  • History of the U.S./Mexico Borderland
  • Special Topics in War and Society

CAPSTONE (Choose either Non-Thesis Option, Thesis Option or Certificate in Military Leadership Option)

Non Thesis Option (6 Hours)

  • War and Society Elective
  • Capstone Seminar

Thesis (6 Hours)

  • Students will produce an original research project and a substantial written thesis capable of publication.

Certificate in Military Leadership (Students who wish to receive The Citadel’s Certificate in Military Leadership in addition to the MA degree must complete the following courses during their program of study)

  • Leadership in the Crucible of War
  • U.S. Military History
  • Non-Western Military History
  • Leadership Elective (1): Either LDRS 753: Strategy and Contemporary Military Leadership Issues -OR- LDRS 711: Leading Change: Organization Development and Transformation
  • Capstone Seminar

All students are encouraged to attain proficiency in a foreign language. There is no formal requirement for all students in the program to demonstrate language proficiency at a certain level. However, depending upon the course of study, a candidate may be required by the advisor to demonstrate mastery of an appropriate foreign language, indicated by the satisfactory use of source material or literature in the relevant foreign language in seminar or research work.

GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS (non-credit bearing)

  • Darkness to Light Training
  • The Citadel Principled Leadership Seminar – LDRS 500


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Click on the Sample Program of Study Charts below:  

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Capstone Student  Thesis Student         Dual MA/Certificate


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