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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

  • What are your Department Hours?
    • The Department of Leadership Studies is open from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM M-F during the academic year with the exception of holidays. During the Summer (May-August), we work a condensed work week and are open from 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM M-R. Check the Department’s contact page for up-to-date department hours.
  • Where are you located?
    • The Department of Leadership Studies main office is located in Bond Hall, Room 364.
  • Who do I contact to schedule appointments with the Department Head?
    • You can contact the Program Assistant. Please click here to email her.
  • What Academic Programs do you offer?
    • Undergraduate: Minor in Leadership Studies
    • Graduate: Master of Science in Leadership; Graduate Certificates
  • To see FAQ’s regarding Academic Policies, click here.
  • What financial aid am I eligible for?
  • Waitlisting Questions
  • See below for the most common questions about waitlisting. For additional information, please review this FAQ list!
    • I'm registering and I was notified that I am waitlisted for a course. What does that mean?
      • Waitlisting occurs when a student registers for a course after it has reached capacity. Being waitlisted for a course does not mean you are registered for the course and will not affect your credit hour total until after you have registered.
    • Will I be notified if a spot becomes available?
      • If students sign up for a wait list and a spot becomes available, they will be notified via their Citadel email address and have 24 hours to register for the course.
  • Additional Information
  • Information And Actions Being Taken Related To COVID-19 

Graduate Students

  • Applying for Master's Program or Certificate Programs
    • Where do I apply for your Master’s Program or Certificate Programs?
      • You can apply for the Master of Science in Leadership, Graduate Certificate in Leadership, and the Graduate Certificate in Military Leadership through the Graduate College. Click here for a step by step guide on how to apply today.
  • Transitioning from Certificate to MSL Program 
    • If you are transitioning from the Certificate to MSL program, after you have successfully completed the approved courses and have the approved GPA, you must apply for admission into the MSL program through the Citadel Graduate College. Please contact the department with any questions. 
  • Online Programs
    • Is the Master of Science in Leadership completely online?
      • Yes, this program is 100% online.
    • Are the Certificate Programs completely online?
      • Yes, both certificate programs are 100% online.
  • Advising Questions
    • Who is my advisor?
      • The Department advisor for MS in Leadership students and Graduate Certificate students is Dr. Lani Connolly.
      • Students enrolled in a Master's program outside the Department of Leadership Studies (ex. MBA, MASS) that also enroll in one of our Graduate Certificates will be advised by Ms. Erin Renslow.
        • To confirm your advisor(s), you can find your advisor's information in your student tab on Lesesne Gateway. If you need help finding this information, please contact Leadership Studies at 843-953-8401 or and we will be happy to assist you. 
  • How can I pull my degree audit? 
  • Transfer Credit Policy
    • To read the Leadership Studies Transfer Policy in full, click here
    • Can I request transfer credit before I am admitted into the program?
      • No, we cannot grant transfer credit before you are admitted as a student. Your transfer request will only be reviewed and processed after you are admitted as a Citadel Graduate Student.
      • Transfer Credit Review:  Admitted students seeking credits should submit the Transfer Credit Approval form and graduate course descriptions to in advance of their first semester in the MSL program per the schedule below:
        • Spring Semester Start: December 1
        • Sumer Semester Start: April 1
        • Fall Semester Start: July 15
    • How many classes can I transfer from previously completed Graduate Course Work to one of the Leadership Studies Graduate Programs?
      • Certificate (Leadership & Military Leadership): You may transfer one graduate level course if you are pursuing a Certificate Program through Leadership Studies. To request transfer credit, please fill out the Transfer Credit Approval form and submit your completed form and the corresponding syllabus or course description to the Department. 
      • Master of Science in Leadership: You may transfer up to three graduate level courses if you are pursuing the Master in Leadership Studies. To request transfer credit, please fill out the Transfer Credit Approval form and submit your completed form and the corresponding syllabus or course description to the Department.
      • Students who convert from a Certificate Program to the Master of Science in Leadership degree may transfer up to three courses.  One course may be applied to the Certificate, and up to two additional courses may be applied to the Master of Science degree.
    • Can I receive transfer credit for LDRS 715: Leadership Capstone Project
      • The Department of Leadership Studies will not accept transfer credit for the Leadership Capstone Course LDRS 715.
    • I completed my graduate degree more than 6 years ago. Can I still receive tranfer credit for it?
    • Transfer Process: 
      • To request transfer credit for graduate coursework, please submit:
        • Transfer Credit Approval Form
        • Corresponding syllabi or course descriptions for the courses taken
        • Only graduate credit hours in which grades of “B” or higher have been earned are transferable
        • There must be significant and specific overlap between the course taken and the course for which you are seeking graduate credit
      • Transcript Documentation: 
        • Students must have a transcript on file with the Registrar’s office documenting the level and course grade for the requested courses. 
        • Military Course Work:  Students must submit their Joint Service Transcript and the American Counsel of Education (ACE) evaluation of the course work to the Department.  Only “G” graduate level courses that have been evaluated by the ACE may be considered for transfer credit.
    • Transfer Credit Review:
      • Admitted students seeking credits should submit all of the required materials to in advance of their first semester in the MSL program per the schedule below:
        • Spring Semester Start: December 1
        • Sumer Semester Start: April 1
        • Fall Semester Start: July 15
    • How Long Does It Take To Process Transfer Credit & Substitution Requests? 
      • Typical transfer credit and substitution requests take 4-6 weeks. Occasionally, they can take longer if more than one department is involved.
  • Suggested Course Path for Graduate Students
    • Is there a suggested course path for students in the Graduate Leadership Studies Programs?
    • There is not a set sequence for the course's you are required to take, but we do recommend starting with LDRS 500, LDRS 722, and PSYC 570. These courses will fulfill the prerequisite requirements for other core courses and electives. You will need to take LDRS 715 (Capstone) in your last semester if you are completing the master's degree program. Your advisor will have recommendations for order when you create your course planning guide.  
  • I Want To Take LDRS 733 But Do Not See Them On My Audit.
    • You Likely Started Our Program In Summer 2020 Or A Prior Catalog. To Take LDRS 733, You Have Two Options:

Option 1

  • Submit a request to our office at and we will process a substitution request to substitute one of your degree required courses for a LDRS 733 course. The elective options we would substitute for LDRS 733 are listed below. 
    • Elective Options For Substitution:  Request LDRS 733 as a substitute for PSYC 500, PSCI 500, or LDRS 766

Option 2

  • Request for Catalog Term Change
    • If you are a Leadership Graduate Student and would like to change your catalog term, please use the template below when emailing to have your request first reviewed by our Department Head, and then begin to go through the necessary process of approvals to complete the change of catalog term. The process to change a catalog term goes through many sets of approvals by different offices, so please expect to wait 2-4 weeks for processing to be completed. Please note, changing your catalog term currently adds no extra classes to your Certificate or Master's Degree. This will only add additional electives (ex. LDRS 733) to your Program of Study.  Thank you!
    • Request for Catalog Term Change



      Date of Admission to The Citadel Graduate College

      • If you are changing your catalog term in order to take the new elective(s) LDRS 733, please include the following line at the bottom of your email as your justification: 


          I request to change my CGC Catalog Term for the Department of Leadership Studies (MS/Certificate).  This will enable me to take an LDRS 733 special topics course that is relevant to my course of study.
    • About to Graduate with your Master's or Complete your Certificate?  
      • Master's Students and Certificate Students can fill out the application here to apply for graduation. This ensures that you will receive your diploma within a few weeks of completing your program. Master's students are eligible to attend the graduation ceremony. Currently, Certificate students are not. Please let us know if you have specific questions.
      • Do not forget: You cannot graduate without applying for graduation and completing LDRS 500.

Undergraduate Students

  • Information Regarding LDRS 211, 311, 411:
    • Please click here for more information regarding these courses (LDRS 211, 311, 411) run by The Krause Center for Leadership & Ethics. These courses do not fall under Department of Leadership Studies and do not fulfill the ROTC Fulfillment course requirements. 
  • Required Courses in The Department of Leadership Studies
    • Is LDRS 202 a required course?
      • Yes, this course is required for all second-year cadets. It must be taken during your second year. If you have an issue, please schedule a meeting with the Department Head.
    • Am I required to take LDRS 371?
      • All students are required to take LDRS 371 if they are graduating with or after the class of 2023.
      • If you are graduating before 2023, only non-contracted students are required to take LDRS 371. You will not have to take LDRS 371 if you are contracted and graduating before 2023.
  • Leadership Minor:
    • What classes do I need to take to get a Leadership Minor?
      • Please click here for a list of required courses for the Leadership Minor.
    • How do I request adding a leadership minor?
      • Please fill out the Add Minor Request Form and get the required signature(s) before submitting this form to the Registrar.
  • ROTC Fulfillment:
    • If I registered for a class within my major that is an ROTC fulfillment, will it fulfill both my major requirements and the ROTC requirement?
      • Yes. This enables you to take classes within your major, however, if one is not offered you will be able to expand your learning into other disciplines.
    • Where can I find a list of approved ROTC Fulfillment courses?
      • To see which courses are approved for ROTC Fulfillment, check the notes section in line with each course when you select the pertaining semester under Course Offerings on the Registrar’s site. It will specifically say “Meets ROTC fulfillment for students classified 2A or higher”.
      • You can also find an up-to-date list of approved ROTC Fulfillment Courses under the ROTC Fulfillment Program tab on the Department of Leadership Studies website.
      • If you are late registering for your ROTC Fulfillment course, the Department of Leadership Studies will send out a list of approved ROTC Fulfillment courses that are still open.
    • Can I take an ROTC course instead of an ROTC Fulfillment course if I am not contracted?
      • No, you are required to take an ROTC Fulfillment course. Please contact the Department of Leadership Studies if you have more questions regarding this requirement.
    • My instructor says their course is approved as an ROTC Fulfillment course but it is not on the list on the ROTC Fulfillment Program page. Will it fulfill the ROTC Fulfillment requirement?
      • If the course is not listed as an approved course on our website or the Registrar course offerings list, please contact the Department of Leadership Studies. The Department will confirm if the course is approved or not.
  • Citadel Success Institute:
    • If I completed CSI during the summer, do I have to register for LDRS 101: First-Year Seminar in the fall?
      • No, LDRS 101 you completed during CSI counts for that requirement. You will still need to register for LDRS 111: Freshman Ethical Fitness Seminar in the spring.
    • What and when is The Citadel Success Institute?
      • Please click here for more information about The Citadel Success Institute (CSI) including its purpose, how to register, and when it takes place.
  • How can I pull my degree audit? 

Leadership Scholars

  •  Applying to be a Leadership Scholar
    • We are not accepting applications at this time.
  • Where can I find more information about the Leadership Scholars Program?



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