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KanJam is a Tier 3 event. Events are open to all students, faculty, and staff. Individual players are responsible for reviewing the schedule and reporting to play. The overall time commitment will be minimal. Events may require unique athletic skills and/or physical fitness.


Desired roster size is three (3) players. Two (2) players are required to avoid a forfeit. One player from each team is designated as the team captain before the start of play.


Start time is forfeit time: there is no grace period for players to arrive late. Two (2) game forfeits disqualify a team from further play.

A team must reach an exact 21 points or complete a direct entry for an Instant Win. In the event of a tie, each team completes one round of throws, and the team with the most points wins.

Each team is entitled to one 30-second time-out per game.

Teammates stand at opposite goals, alternating throwing and deflecting. One team member throws the disc, and his /her partner redirects it toward or into the goal. After teammates complete one throw each, the disc is passed to the opposing team. Teams complete an equal number of turns before the game is over, except when an Instant Win occurs.

Location Points   
Dinger 1 Redirected Hit - the deflector redirects the thrown disc to hit any side of the goal.
Deuce 2 Direct Hit - the thrower hits the side of the goal, unassisted by the teammate.
Bucket 3 Slam Dunk - the deflector redirects the thrown disc, and it lands inside the goal.
Instant Win Game Over Direct Entry - the thrower lands the disc inside the goal, unassisted by the teammate.

The disc can enter through the slot opening on the side or through the top of the goal.

A team must reach an exact score of 21 points to win. If a throw results in points that raise a team’s total score above 21, the points from that play are deducted from their current score, and play continues. For example, if a team has 20 points and score a bucket, their score is reduced to 17.

Opponents may not interfere with play or defend the goal. No points are awarded when:

  • Players are in front of the goal.
  • When a disc hits the ground before striking the goal.
  • If a deflector double hits, catches, or carries the disc.

The Professional Discflect Association governs all other rules.

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