The Military College of South Carolina
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Indoor Triathlon


The Indoor Triathlon is a Tier 3 event with two (2) divisions, Men’s and Women’s. The division winners are competitors with the lowest total time for all events. Transitions between events will not be timed.


Desired roster size is two (2) competitors. No more than six (6) competitors per company may participate..


Competitors will report to the Deas Hall Swimming Pool by 1600 on race day. Order of events is 300m Swim, 6m Stationary Bike, and 1.5m Run on a motorized treadmill.


Competitors begin in the pool at the shallow end. The distance required is 300 meters. Swimmers may use any stroke.


Cyclists will use stationary bikes in Deas Hall Cardio Area. The distance required is 6 miles; the setting is Manual.


Runners will complete a one and one-half (1-1/2) mile run on a motorized treadmill in the Cardio Area. The incline will be set at 3 degrees.

It is not necessary to race between events as the transition time will not be counted. It is recommended that participants sample the bikes and treadmills before race day.

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