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Dodgeball is a Tier 1 event. Competition begins as a round-robin within each battalion.


Desired roster size is ten (10) players; six (6) players are required to avoid a forfeit. One player from each team is designated as the team captain before the start of play.


Start time is forfeit time: there is no grace period for players to arrive late. Two (2) game forfeits disqualify a team from further play.

Six (6) players will compete on each side; others will be available as substitutes.

Substitutes may enter the game only at the start of a new game or in the case of injury.

Dodgeball is a best of five games competition. The first team to legally eliminate all opposing players will be declared the winner. There is a 5-minute time limit for each game. Suppose neither team has been eliminated at the end of five minutes. In that case, the team with the greater number of players remaining will be declared the winner. If an equal number of players remain after regulation, a 1-minute sudden-death overtime period will be played.

The object of the game is to eliminate all opposing players by getting them “out.” This may be done by hitting an opposing player with a live thrown ball below the shoulders or catching a live ball thrown by your opponent before it touches the ground.

A live ball is one that has been thrown and has not touched anything, including the floor/ground, another ball, another player, official or other items outside the playing field (wall, ceiling, etc.).

All players must remain within the boundary lines. Players may leave boundaries through their end-line only to retrieve stray balls. They must also return through their end-line.

Dodgeball is played on a standard volleyball court. Games begin by placing dodgeballs along the center line – three (3) on one side of the center hash and three (3) on the other. Players then take a position behind their end lines. Following a signal by the official, teams may approach the centerline to retrieve balls. Teams may retrieve only the three (3) balls to their right of the center hash. Once a ball is retrieved, it must be taken behind the attack line before it can be legally thrown.

The NADA governs all other rules.

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