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Volleyball is a Tier 1 event. Competition begins as a round-robin within each battalion. 


Desired roster size is six (6) players. Four (4) players are required to avoid a forfeit. One player from each team is designated as the team captain before the start of play. 


Start time is forfeit time: there is no grace period for players to arrive late. Two (2) game forfeits disqualify a team from further play.

The team winning 2-out-of-3 games wins a match. All games are played to 15 points using rally scoring. Matches may be shortened at the discretion of the official. One (1) game played to 21 points will constitute a complete match.

Each team is entitled to one 30-second time-out per game.

All players from the serving team rotate after each serve. Substitution of players may be made when the ball is not in play. Substitutes must take the position of replaced players.

Each team is entitled to a maximum of three (3) hits to return the ball to opponents. These hits are in addition to blocking. Blocking is the action that deflects the ball coming over the net. To be considered a blocker, a player must reach above the net sometime during the effort to deflect the ball. The returning team may not block or spike a serve.

The ball may be played out of the net except on a serve.

A side out or point is awarded to the opponent if the ball hits the ceiling on the opponent’s side of the net. However, a team may continue to play if the ball hits the ceiling on its own side of the net.

Players may not touch the net or step over the center line (under the net) while the ball is in play. However, blockers may reach over the net as long as they do not touch it.

USA Volleyball governs all other rules.

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