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Billiards is a Tier 4 event. The number of players advancing to the Regimental Tournament will be between four (4) and sixteen (16) and depends upon the quality of play during early rounds.


Desired roster size is two (2) players per company. No more than six (6) players per company may participate. Players will be seeded after an initial round of Speed Pool. 

Speed Pool (Challenge) Rules

One player participates at a time and starts with a full rack of balls. A Timer starts the clock when the player makes the first contact with the cue ball. The player may set up the next shot immediately but must wait until the cue ball comes to a complete stop before attempting the next shot. The clock stops once the player has successfully cleared the table of all balls.

Tournament Rules

The game of Fifteen-Ball will be played for all matches. The object of Fifteen-Ball is to score balls of greater total point value than the opponent(s). Each player keeps a running score as balls are pocketed.

In the event of a tie, the player pocketing the last object ball wins the game.

Suppose the starting player fails to pocket a ball on the break. In that case, the opposing player may accept the table and begin play, rerack and shoot the opening break, or require the offending player to repeat the opening break.

Neither ball nor pocket must be called.

The penalty for fouls is a loss of three (3) points and turn. In addition, the following infractions are considered a foul:

  • Striking the cue ball with other than the cue tip.
  • Pocketing the cue ball, i.e., scratching.
  • Both feet leaving the floor during a shot.
  • Cue ball touching the rail before hitting an object ball.
  • Either the cue ball or object ball(s) leaving the table.

Billiard Congress of America governs all other rules.

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