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Weight Lifting


Weight Lifting is a Tier 4 event.


Desired roster size is two (2) competitors per company. There is no limit to the number of competitors who may attempt to qualify for Regimental Finals. Still, only two (2) qualifiers from each company may advance, men’s and women’s divisions combined.

Preliminary Competition

A staff member will be available during times noted on the weekly intramural schedule to score preliminary attempts. Competitors may report to the Deas Hall Weight Room for weigh-in and competition.

Competitors will bench press a weight equal to 85% (men) or 55% (women) of body weight. To qualify for Regimental Finals, competitors must perform 20 (men) or 15 (women) repetitions (See Table for qualifying standards). Lifters may choose one of the following two (2) supine positions on the bench, which must be maintained throughout lift:

  • with head, trunk and legs extended on the bench, knees locked, or
  • with head, trunk (including buttocks) extended on bench, feet flat on the platform.

The lift begins in a straight-arm position; the bar must be lowered to touch the chest and returned to a straight-arm position. A lift will be ruled incomplete for any change in the elected lifting position, raising of head, shoulders, buttocks, or legs, any shifting of the same, bridging in any form, failure to touch the bar to the chest, resting between repetitions, or any lifting of the bar by the spotter.

Regimental Finals

Regardless of the total number of qualifiers, each company is limited to two (2) entries to Regimental Finals, men’s and women’s divisions combined.

Competitors will bench press a weight equal to 90% (men) or 60% (women) of body weight (See Table for standards). Lift repetitions will be counted to failure or exhaustion. The competitor with the most lifts is the Regimental Champion. In the event of a tie, competitors will lift 95% (men) or 65% (women) of body weight to failure and continue until a winner is declared.

Complete Rules with Standards Tables

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