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Kickball is a Tier 1 Event. Competition begins as a round-robin tournament within each battalion.


Desired roster size is eight (8) players. Five (5) players are required to avoid a forfeit. One player from each team is designated as the team captain before the start of play.

The kicking team will supply its own pitcher. Teams may have unlimited kickers; any substitute must occupy the same position in the kicking order. Thus, teams may have up to eight (8) fielders. The defense may have one player stand next to the actual pitcher, a catcher, and four (4) other players in traditional infield positions. The remaining two (2) players must be beyond the designated outfield line before the ball is kicked.


Start time is forfeit time: there is no grace period for players to arrive late. Two (2) game forfeits disqualify a team from further play.

A regulation game consists of seven (7) innings or 45 minutes of play, whichever happens first. Games may be shortened at the discretion of the umpire. Mercy rule is 10 runs after four (4) innings.

Kicking Rules:

The kicker gets the pitch from his/her own pitcher. The kicker gets a second “courtesy” pitch if the ball is kicked into foul territory. Kicks must be taken within a 3-foot radius of home plate. Bunting is allowed: the ball must roll beyond the line between first and third base to count.

Base Running Rules:

A base runner is out if he/she leaves the base before the ball is kicked. Runners may not steal. Sliding will be considered an out. Pinch runners are allowed. The last person to make an out is the pinch runner. A runner who is in fair territory and is hit by a kicked ball will be called out. The kicker will be awarded first base.

Fielding Rules:

All fielders must stay behind the line between first and third base until the ball is kicked. Runners are out if a fielder (1) tags the base, (2) uses the ball to tag a runner, or (3) throws the ball and hits the runner before he/she reaches base. Intentionally hitting a runner with a ball above the shoulders is illegal.

Pitching Rules:

All players must use balls supplied by Deas Hall. No bouncies. The pitcher may not interfere with defensive players after the ball is kicked.

The World Adult Kickball Association governs all other rules.

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