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Photograph Submission Form

GSJ Submission Deadline Graphic

Eligibility of Students and Photograph Information

All students are encouraged to submit original (not previously published), photographs. The submitter must be the person who took the picture. Photographs must be high quality for print. Submit the photograph on this page.

When the work is published, the photographer must be a current student.

Submission Requirements

Please include the following for consideration:

For recognizable people in any photographs, please submit the Signed Subject Contract after obtaining their signed permission.

Selection Criteria

The editors will review all submitted photographs and select the best ones for inclusion in the latest journal. The selected photographs will also be used on this web site.

Accepted Photographs and Final Process

Photographers will be notified if their submission has been accepted or not.

Submission Information

Please fill-in all fields below.

Name of photographer, as it should appear in print: (*)

Invalid Input
Title of photograph(s):

A Word or Excel file with the titles of all submitted photographs can be added in a zip folder containing the photographs. Please name this file with the abbreviated title of two of your submitted photographs followed by the words photo titles. If such a file is submitted, simply type into this box the following text: See submitted file. (*)

Invalid Input

Biography of Photographer

The biography may appear in the printed journal. The biography should not exceed 70 words.

Sample Biography

Nancy K. Winston, a senior from Hoboken, GA, is company commander of Kilo. She is a chemistry major with aspirations of becoming a college professor. Nancy has been on the Dean’s List every semester. She is a member of the Debate Team, the ACS Affiliates Club, and the Sphinx staff. (*)

Invalid Input

Photograph Submissions

anonymous graphic
Please rename each submitted photograph file with an abbreviated title of the photograph. Since submissions will be reviewed anonymously, please do not include your name on anything other than in the fields in this form. Thank you.

A Zip folder containing all photographs may be submitted here. The titles of all photographs should be listed in a Word or Excel file in this Zip folder. Name all photograph files as described above.

There is a file upload limit of 200MB.

Please upload your photograph(s) here: (*)

Invalid Input

Publishing Contract

Please name the contract file with the same abbreviated title of two of your submitted photographs used above followed by the words photography contract.

Please upload the signed publishing contract here: (*)

Invalid Input

Subject Contract

Please name the contract file with the same abbreviated title of two of your photographs used above followed by the words subject contract.

Please upload the signed subject contract here: (*)

Invalid Input

Email Address

Email address of contact person: (*)

Invalid Input (The contact person must be the photographer of the submission).

Verify Information

Please check that the information in each box above is correct before you click the submit button below. You will receive a confirmation email upon receipt. If you do not, please re-submit. Thank you.

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