The Military College of South Carolina
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2009 Edition

The Gold Star Journal, 2009 Edition


  • Leon E. Hontz, Class of 2009, Political Science (International Politics and Military Affairs) and Spanish Major.

The Editors

  • Charles (Trey) J. Williams III, 2010, Biology Major and Chemistry Minor.
  • Thomas J. Sullivan III, 2010, Biology Major.
  • Taylor D. Gilliam, 2011, Pre-Business Administration Major.
The cooper river bridge.

"We, the editors of the 2009 Gold Star Journal, are honored to dedicate this edition to the hard working men and women of the former Print Shop, which has sadly been lost in our current economic hardships. Previous years they were the unsung heroes and capable backbone of each journal. Annually, we started our process by meeting with them to discuss the physical appearance of the journal. Throughout the design stages they would advise us on our layout. Finally they would publish a professional looking journal for us and our readers. So, in essence, they were the alpha and the omega of The Gold Star Journal, and our gratitude is immeasurable.

We dedicate this year’s journal to them, and we say thank you for all the excellent advice, time, energy, interest, and care that you gave us during the course of our relationship. Every member that worked at the Print Shop was incredibly kind and helpful, and we felt respected and welcomed even though we knew we were taking time away from their other work. Those of you who helped us, thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts. In a sense, each journal has been a dedication to your hard work and kindness; we are just taking the time this year to formalize it."

To view the entire 2009 edition, click this link or the cover above.

To view the abstract of a paper, click on the associated link in the listing below.

The photograph of the Ravenel bridge was taken by Darron Raines, Class of 2009, English Major.
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