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Program Requirements

The requirements for the College Transfer Program, B.S. in Social Studies Education consists of a total of 123-125 hours; 58 of which are completed at The Citadel. This includes 36 credit hours in the major, 21 credit hours of elective courses, and a one hour orientation course. 65-67 credit hours are to be completed at Trident Technical College (or other regionally accredited college or university) to include 38 credit hours of general education courses, 12 credit hours of social science courses, and 15-17 credit hours of lower division elective courses as follows.

Courses Taken at Trident Technical College: 65-67 hours
General Education - 38 Hours

Writing/English Composition - 6 hours
ENG 101 English Composition I
ENG 102 English Composition II

Humanities/Foreign Languages - 6 hours
MUS 105 Music Appreciation
ART 101 Art History and Appreciation

History - 12 hours
HIS 104 World History I
HIS 105 World History II
HIS 201 American History
HIS 202 American History

Mathematics - 6 hours
MAT 110 College Algebra
MAT 120 Probability and Statistics

Science - 8 hours
Courses must have lab, not necessarily sequential
BIO 101 Biological Science I (4)
BIO 102 Biological Science II (4)
CHM 110 College Chemistry I (4)
CHM 111 College Chemistry II (4)
PHY 201 Physics I (4)
PHY 202 Physics II (4)
AST 101 Solar System Astronomy (4)
AST 102 Stellar Astronomy (4)

Social Science -12 hours
PSC 201 American Gov.
SOC 101 Intro to Sociology
PSY 201 General Psychology
ECO 210 Macroeconomics

Lower Division Electives 15-17 hours
(Any Transferable Courses Apply)

Recommended for TTC AA Students
Oral Communication
CPT 101 Introduction to Computers

Courses taken at The Citadel: 58 hours
EUGS 101-Introduction to The Citadel Experience - 1 hour
(must be taken in first semester at The Citadel)

Required Education Courses -36 Hours
EDUC 101 Education in Modern Society
EDUC 202 Educational Psychology
EDUC 206 Adolescent Development
EDUC 312 Teaching Students with Special Needs
EDUC 301 Foundations in Literacy Development
EDUC 401 Methods and Materials of Secondary School Teaching
EDUC 306 Teaching Reading in Secondary Schools
EDUC 402 Special Methods in Teaching
EDUC 499 Teaching Internship (12)

Required Social Studies Courses - 21 Hours
ANTH 202 Cultural Anthropology
GEOG 209 World Geography
PSCI 302 Urban Politics
HIST 206 Social and Cultural History of the Non-Western World
Approved Electives
One - 3 hour History Elective (200 level and above)
Two - 3 hour Social Studies Electives (200 level and above)
Economics, History, Political Science or Psychology

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