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The Military College of South Carolina
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…our son called to say that CSI was hard but achievable, so we knew the immediate value of CSI.
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…the classroom instruction was top notch!
csi 02
…CSI removed so many worries and helped our cadet relax. He is ready to take on the challenges he will face.
csi 03
…CSI gave our son a friend base that I did not expect.
csi 04
…CSI kept our son focused on his goal and helped him get ready for “The Road less Traveled.”
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…our son came home with a new village of friends. My husband and I also have a new village of parents that we will lean on for the next four years and keep in touch with after graduation.
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…the ability to earn college credit is huge!
csi 07
…our son made so many friends at CSI! He met up with his CSI group before matriculation day.
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…his leader helped him gain confidence that he did not have before CSI.
csi 09
…the program was so wonderful; our cadet could not wait to return for matriculation!
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Cost and Important Dates


csi-registration-buttonThe Registration Application is live!  All accepted students will receive a confirmation email.  Check the email address you mark as "Preferred" on the CSI Application frequently for new information as it becomes available.



Monday, July 12th from 8AM to 10AM.  Everyone will be staggered according to last name. Details will be released next week after Public Safety approves the route through campus. They have to meet with the contractors tearing down Capers Hall so that we can draw the safest route for families to take through campus.


The total cost for CSI is $3500 and is based on 4 credit hours, room and board.  Payment is due 30 days prior to the start of the session. Pay within 30 days of receiving your bill to reserve your class placement.  


CSI bills will be generated when classes are assigned to each student. If your bill is not available through Lesesne Gateway by the end of June, please contact us at 843-953-5705/ for COL Chris Fudge, Director; or 843-953-6773, for MAJ Melinda Norris, Assistant Director; so we can check on this process for you.  Payments can be made online through Lesesne Gateway, so please DO NOT send cash or checks to our office. Refer to the directions at the bottom of this page to make your payment, or refer to the Treasurer's Office for other options.

Special Note:

We have some families concerned about the bill’s due date, so I would like to address that.

We do prefer payment as soon as possible because we purchase shirts and supplies, arrange food and lodging, and place each student into a class long before your arrival. Same goes for Medical Clearance—we prefer it done by the suggested due date to make sure you beat the deadline, so make sure your information has been sent and received. With that said, if you have a valid reason for the bill being late, or time issues with physicians, etc., regarding medical clearance, we will work with you up to the non negotiable deadline, which is check-in on July 12th. If the bill is not paid in full and/or you are not medically cleared, you will not be allowed to register or participate in CSI. During the summer, some offices have varying hours, so do not assume an office is open, and CSI check-in begins 30 minutes before any offices will be open at all.

Note: If the only thing that is hindering your medical clearance is the height/weight requirement, you can have your physician fill out the waiver on the Preparing for CSI page so that you can participate in CSI, but the waiver will not waive the requirement for matriculation. Send the waivers to—this is where all CSI related forms and questions should be directed.


The cost of books varies according to the course and instructor, but the average cost of books for CSI is $150-$200.


Parking is very limited on campus, but if a student MUST bring a car, he/she will only be able to drive his/her vehicle to campus from home, during weekend leave, and then, to return home. A CSI administrator will keep the car keys safe for the student during the week.  A parking fee of $75.00 must be paid with a check or exact change to Public Safety - The Citadel upon arrival or by check mailed to the following address*:

Melinda Norris, CSI Parking, Bond Hall 369D, 171 Moultrie Street, Charleston, SC  29409

*Please include the student's name, CWID, email address, phone number, plate number, type of car, and its color with the payment.

You will receive instructions regarding where to park and the parking decal on registration day.  If you must pay with a credit card, payment must be made at the Treasurer's Office on the first floor of Bond Hall, and the receipt will need to be taken to Public Safety on Richardson Street behind Bond Hall.  

19 Meal Plan includes
Monday – Friday: breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Saturday – Sunday: brunch and dinner

Auxiliary Fee $100 (Fee covers medical services and the use of athletic facilities)

Barracks Security Deposit $100 (Non-refundable fee covers any damage found in the barracks at check out)

Activity Fee** $200 (Fee covers excursions in the Charleston Area and/or on campus)

General Deposit $100 (Non-refundable fee covers items purchased specifically for the student in the case that a positive COVID test made attending CSI impossible--an example is t-shirts)


TOTAL $3500



Registration Available Online: February 2021

Session dates:  July 12-August 3, 2021

Medical Clearance:  All students MUST be medically cleared to participate in CSI.  If you were not cleared by June 12th, you received an email to the preferred address listed on your CSI Application offering assistance.

PT's: PT shirts, shorts, and reflection belts are required for CSI and can usually be purchased from the Cadet Store on campus, but this year, problems beyond their control has made that impossible for CSI participants.  This year, our CSI T-shirt supplier will also supply PT outfits, which will be worn each Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings during PT.  The number purchased should be in alignment with how often the student intends to wash clothes.  PT's will be available for sale directly from CSI staff on check in day and can also be used after matriculation unless the style is changed due to unforseen circumstances.

Payment Information: Bills are generated as each student is placed into a class and will be posted in Lesesne Gateway.  Bills generate at different times dependent on time of application and the creation of classes.

STEPS TO PAY YOUR BILL: Go to Click Connect. Click Lesesne Gateway Portal. Log in. Click the Student tab. Click Pay Your Bill at the top left of the page. Click Make Payment and follow the directions.  Please make sure you are looking at the 2020-2021 school year and Summer 2021 NOT Fall 2021.


--Updated 6/15/2021--

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