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Club Sports

The Citadel Southern Rugby Classic | December 4, 2021

The Intramural, Club and Recreational Athletics' (ICRA) Club Sports program provides a structure for student-run competitive sport teams not governed by the NCAA or Southern Conference, and other sports-related activities that may not be included in The Citadel Intramural Athletics.

Other departments on campus also support fitness and athletic cadet clubs. Explore these pages, including our FAQ, for more information on ICRA-sponsored club sports. If you've checked out our FAQ but are still unsure if your interest is or would be sponsored by ICRA, contact Mary Ellen Huddleston

ICRA Club Sports are administered within the Department of Health and Human Performance and comply with "Chapter 4, Cadet Support Services" of The White Book.

Are you looking for information on a Citadel Varsity Sport? If so, please visit Citadel Athletics
Are you looking for information on a non-ICRA-sponsored fitness or athletic clubs? If so, contact the Campus Club Coordinator.

1 October 2021 is the deadline to renew an ICRA Club Sport or request a new one for the 2021 - 2022 school year. Start here to learn more about ICRA Club Sports and the process for chartering.

For purposes of consistency and clarity, all groups (e.g., clubs) will be called “teams”; all student leaders (e.g., officers) will be called “team captains”, and all individual members will be called “players.” “Team leadership” refers to team captains, but also may include the faculty or staff advisor, and head coach. “Team Activities” reference all get-togethers of the team, for example, practices, scrimmages, competitions, meetings, fundraisers.

Although team leadership and the ICRA staff will work together to create and execute a plan for a successful club sport season, it is beneficial to identify areas of responsibility.

Responsibilities of Team Captains
  • Submit an ICRA Club Sport Checklist before 5 September. 
  • Meet with the Director of Club Sports before 15 September to work together to craft the new year's charter.
  • Recruit a primary advisor or coach (i.e., head coach) who will faithfully update the Coaching Packet at the start of each academic year and ensure that all secondary coaches, advisors and volunteers will do the same.
  • Establish team goals.
  • Direct all players to complete a Player Packet at the start of each academic year.
  • Determine membership numbers and the process for selection.
  • Determine criteria for earning a block C letter for the cadet field jacket.
  • Present a schedule of team activities to the Director of Club Sports before 1 October for the fall semester, and before 1 February for the spring semester.
  • Create and maintain an appropriate digital presence either via a team website or social media. Keep information up-to-date, and include a schedule of team activities and contact information.
  • Present a list of planned expenditures and expected income for the year to the Director of Club Sports before 1 October.
  • Ensure that team has sufficient funds on hand before requesting purchases for equipment and team activities.
  • Become familiar with the Procurement Department's Policies and Regulations governing purchases, and assume the right to ask questions if you do not understand.
  • Request Special Orders for team activities no later than five (5) days before activity start date.
  • Act as travel agent for team activities for which players or boosters will pay out-of-pocket.
  • Prepare facility and equipment for competitions and other special events. Leave Citadel facilities in a condition that is better when you leave than when you arrived.
  • Delegate team responsibilities effectively.
Responsibilities of the Office of Club Sports
  • Assist team captains in preparing and submitting a Request for Charter packet.
  • Evaluate requests for club sports status.
  • Act as liaison among team leadership, national or regional conference, and the college (e.g., Office of Registrar) to help team maintain good standing (e.g., player eligibility).
  • Help advisors, coaches, instructors and other volunteers navigate requirements to serve in their chosen role.
  • Receive Coaching and Player Packets, and create rosters indicating standing. Provide team leadership with regular updates.
  • Provide a block C letter to designated players.
  • Maintain a Club Sport page under the Citadel website.
  • Establish an agency index (i.e., account) for deposit of player dues and disbursement for approved expenses.
  • Collect, deposit and receipt player dues, and provide team leadership with regular updates.
  • Work with the Citadel Foundation to establish a team-dedicated fund for receipt of charitable donations. Provide team leadership with regular updates.
  • Serve as processing agent for approved expenditures.
  • Process approved requests for special orders.
  • Act as travel agent for team activities that are approved and for which Citadel-held funds will used.
  • Act as liaison between team leadership and other college departments to reserve space for approved activities.
  • Provide storage for Citadel-owned team equipment and supplies.
  • Encourage, support and serve Team Captains as they make decisions and coordinate team activities.

Have more questions? If you are a high school student or incoming freshman, try FAQ. If you are a current cadet, try Team Briefing. • 843-953-7955

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