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Department of Chemistry

The primary mission of the Department of Chemistry is to offer training, courses, and degrees in the Chemical Sciences to Citadel students, including those fulfilling core curriculum requirements and undergraduate Chemistry majors. The faculty in our department contribute to the discipline through scholarly and professional activity, and also to the community via participation in various service and outreach activities.

Students who are interested in pursuing a Chemistry major have multiple degree options within a Bachelors of Science (BS) degree or a Bachelors of Arts (BA) degree:  The BS degree in chemistry is fully accredited by the American Chemical Society and prepares students for entry into elite graduate programs, medical schools or industry.  Within the BS degree students may also choose to complete the biochemistry specialization.  The BA degree provides a path for students who wish to combine chemical knowledge with specialized career training such a  patent law, environmental and/or industrial regulation, clinical lab work, pharmacology, toxicology, dentistry or advanced medical training.  Within the BA degree students may also choose to complete the Clinical or Environmental specialization. 

BS in Chemistry: Biochemistry Concentration

A biochemist studies the chemistry of living things and how chemicals affect biological processes such as disease, cell development, growth, and heredity. Biochemists who do applied research are responsible for the development of new medicines and vaccines. Biochemists who do basic research expand our knowledge of the chemistry of living things.


• Pharmaceutical Research Lab
• BioTech Company
• Medical Doctor
• Veterinarian
• Biochemical Engineering

BioCHEM 8 18 21

 Put Your Degree to Work - Biochemist
 2020 Median Salary   $94,270 per year
 Typical Entry Level Education

Doctoral or Professional Degree

 Number of Jobs in 2020  34,600
 Jobs Outlook through 2029  +4% (Average)

BA in Chemistry: Environmental Concentration

Environmental chemists study the chemistry that occurs in natural spaces.  Environmental Chemistry is a specialized area of Analytical Chemistry  requiring a strong understanding of the fate of chemical species in the air, soil, and water and how these chemicals move through the environment and biosphere.

Employment Opportunities

    • EPA (Federal Level)
    • Dept. of Environmental. Quality (State Level)
    • Industrial Compliance Officer
    • Researcher
    • Consulting
    • Environmental Forensics
    • Bioremediation
 Put Your Degree to Work - Environmental Chemist
 2020 Median Salary   $73,230 per year

 Typical Entry Level Education

Bachelor's Degree

 Number of Jobs in 2020  90,900
 Jobs Outlook through 2029  +8% (Much Higher than Average)

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BA in Chemistry: Clinical Concentration

Clinical chemists conduct research and develop laboratory procedures that help physicians make earlier, more precise diagnoses and tailor therapy for patients. As technology develops in "hot" areas like molecular biology, vaccine development or transplant medicine, clinical chemists apply their knowledge to develop practical applications of these advances†.

† Adapted from the American Association of Clinical Chemists


• Hospital Labs
• Research Labs
• Manufacturing facilities
• Pharmaceutical research labs
• Commercial Reference labs
• Federal Regulator
• Patent Law
• Academic Labs
• Research Foundations for specific diseases  (for example; cystic fibrosis)
• Government Regulatory Agencies (for example; OSHA, CDC & FDA)

Clinical CHEM 8 31 







 Put Your Degree to Work - Clinical Chemist
 2020 Median Salary   $54,180 per year
 Typical Entry Level Education  Bachelor's Degree
 Number of Jobs in 2020  337,800
 Jobs Outlook through 2029  +7% (Faster than Average)


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