The Military College of South Carolina
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Biology Major: BS in Biology Program of Study

B.S. Major in Biology


The major is designed to provide students with a broad background in modern biology that will prepare them for employment or further study in graduate or professional schools.


All students majoring in biology are required to take:

  • Introduction to Biology I and II sequence
    • BIOL 130 and BIOL 131
    • BIOL 140 and BIOL 141
  • Evolution (BIOL 208) - Class of 2021 and later
  • Cell Biology (BIOL 205)
  • Genetics (BIOL 308)
  • Ecology (BIOL 406)
  • Students must take four additional biology electives. (Class of 2020 and earlier take five additional electives)

  • One biology elective must be chosen from each of the following course groupings:
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    Cell and Molecular Biology Courses
    BIOL 290 Microbiology
    BIOL 340 Pathophysiology
    BIOL 341 Pharmacology
    BIOL 401 Developmental Biology
    BIOL 402 Descriptive Histology
    BIOL 424 Molecular Genetics
    BIOL 427 Immunology
    Ecology and Field Biology Courses
    BIOL 314 Vascular Flora of South Carolina
    BIOL 408 Ornithology
    BIOL 409 Marine Biology
    BIOL 410 Vertebrate Natural History
    BIOL 426 Freshwater Biology
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    Organismal Biology Courses
    BIOL 203 Survey of the Plant Kingdom
    BIOL 208 Evolution
    BIOL 301 Invertebrate Zoology
    BIOL 302 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
    BIOL 309 Animal Behavior
    BIOL 410 Vertebrate Natural History
    BIOL 419 Economic Botany
    BIOL 421 Toxicology
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    Physiological Biology Courses:
    BIOL 403 Mammalian Physiology
    BIOL 414 Environmental Physiology
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    Class of 2020 and earlier - One additional biology elective is required.
    It may be chosen from the courses above as well as:

    BIOL 320 Intern Research
    BIOL 322 History of Biology
    BIOL 412 Special Topics in Biology

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