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Academic Services and Resources

Academic Advision, Outdoors, The Citadel

The Citadel offers an array of educational support services to enhance a student's learning experience including learning strategies programs, tutorial services, as well as services for students with disabilities.

All students are encouraged to take advantage of the programs available to them, so please review the following information about these programs.

A. Academic Orientation

The Academic Orientation Program is designed to orient fourth-class cadets to the intellectual life of the College and to academic policies and support services and resources, to conduct required academic placement testing, and to provide transition from military training to the start of the academic year.

B. Academic Support Center

The Academic Support Center’s mission is to aid students in their transition to college life and to help them achieve individual academic success culminating in graduation. The Center coordinates a variety of programs for undergraduate students to include the Math Lab, the Writing Lab, Subject-Area tutoring, Supplemental Instruction (SI), Services for Students with Disabilities, Corps Squad, and Mandatory Study Program, as well as other programs.

For information about services available to athletes and students in academic difficulty:

Academic Support Center, 117 Thompson Hall
Director: LTC Jane Warner


C. Cadet Academic Officers

Each Company has an Academic Officer, a senior cadet chosen on the basis of academic performance and leadership skills, who is charged with maintaining an environment conducive to study during Evening Study Period (ESP), directing cadets to appropriate support services, and assisting cadets to locate tutors.

D. Cadet Advocacy Response and Education (C.A.R.E.)

The Cadet Advocacy Response and Education Program promotes a culture and climate of respect to help prevent sexual harassment, assault, and rape through awareness training, education, advocacy, and the consistent enforcement of standards.

Cadet Advocacy Response and Education, 105 Thompson Hall
Director: Mrs. Janet Shealy

953-7277; 425-1315 (24/7)

E. Career Services

Career-related training and resources are provided to students and alumni. Services include instruction on development and use of academic/professional portfolios, résumé preparation, and interviewing skills. Graduate School Fairs and Career Fairs are provided to help students explore career options. Networking assistance is also provided.

The Citadel CCareert Services, 573 Huger Street
Director: Page Tisdale

F. Company Academic Advisors

Each cadet company is assigned a specifically chosen member of the faculty or staff whose responsibility is the academic well-being of all cadets in the Company. The Company Academic Advisor works closely with the Tactical Officer and the cadet Academic Officer to ensure that academic and military requirements are compatible and that cadets take advantage of support services and resources available to them.

G. Counseling Center

The Citadel Counseling Center offers confidential, short-term counseling services to currently enrolled students. Students are able to discuss personal, educational, or career-related concerns with a mental health professional in an informal setting.

The Citadel Counseling Center, 203 Richardson Avenue
Director: LTC Suzanne Bufano

I. Financial Aid and Scholarships

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships has information on the full range of scholarships and financial aid packages available to Citadel students and assists in filing applications.

Financial Aid and Scholarships, 139 Bond Hall
Director: LTC Hank Fuller


J. Infirmary

The Citadel Infirmary supports the educational mission of The Citadel by providing accessible and high quality health care to The South Carolina Corps of Cadets. Their staff strives to maintain the physical, psychological and social health of cadets through an interdisciplinary team approach of providing primary care and promoting health education and wellness. The staff members maintain confidentiality, respect for diversity, promotion of wellness and continuous professional growth.

Mary Bennett Murray Infirmary
Ms. Celeste Conlon, Head Nurse

K. Information Technology Services (ITS)

The Citadel provides all students with an email account and superior computing resources, including kiosks in Mark Clark and Bond Hall for quick access, more than a dozen computer labs in classroom buildings, several auditoriums, and a small lab in each of the barracks. All labs are equipped with personal computers and high-speed networked printers while others have additional equipment such as scanners for scanning text or photos. ITS staff members assist students at the IT Help Center in 253 Bond Hall, during the evenings in the Daniel Library, and from several IT repair workshops in the barracks. The Multimedia Services staff helps students use specialized software to design and edit graphics, create computer presentations or video projects in the Multimedia Center, 303 Bond Hall or by appointment.

Information Technology Services, 253 Bond Hall
Help Center & Student Support Manager: Justin Palmer

L. Library

In a welcoming atmosphere, the Daniel Library provides the resources and services that support the teaching and research requirements of the college. Resources include full-text journals, discipline-specific databases and audio-visuals, as well as e-books and print books. The Library houses a Learning Commons Area, a Library Instruction Lab with desktop computers and printers, and The Citadel Archives & Museum (on the third floor). Cadets will find quiet places for collaborative group work as well as comfortable seating and quiet study areas. Also, they will find headphones, laptop computers, wireless connections, popular magazines, motion picture DVDs, and a Java City coffee bar (on the first floor) that sells beverages and light snacks. Services include Library orientation and research instruction classes (one-on-one research assistance is available) as well as free interlibrary loan and document delivery for students and faculty.

Daniel Library
Director: LTC David Goble


M. Multicultural Students Services and International Studies

As an integral part of The Citadel community, The Office of Multi-cultural Student Services and the International Studies (MSSIS) provides advocacy, mentorship and support for students from historically underrepresented populations, including International Students. In MSSIS, we work to create cultural leadership opportunities for Citadel students and to assist the institution in creating and maintaining a campus climate that recognizes, appreciates, celebrates and shares a mutual understanding and respect for all cultures. This office plans and implements educational programs that promote awareness and provide opportunities for cross-cultural interaction and exchange, including study abroad. The MSSIS Office is also responsible for the administration and implementation of the Citadel Success Institute (CSI), a program designed to introduce participants to college academics, assist them in preparing for physical requirements of the Corps of Cadets, and help them become acclimated to the campus and its resources.

Multicultural Students Services and International Studies, 135 Thompson Hall
Director: LTC Robert Pickering


N. Ombudspersons

The Ombudsperson is available for informal and confidential discussion of any problem or issue to include discrimination, harassment, mistreatment, fourth-class violations, and/or hazing. The Ombudsperson may be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

LTC Robert Pickering, 135 Thompson Hall

(W) 953-5096; (C) 843-437-9645; (H) 843-552-6771

MAJ Elizabeth Connor, 206 Daniel Library

(W) 843-953-7469; (C) 843-469-7492; (H) 843-364-9868

O. Oral Communications Lab

The Oral Communications Lab can help you improve your public speaking skills. If you must give a speech or presentation, come by the Oral Communications Lab, first, and we will help you make your speech more effective. We offer helpful critiques and can also film your practice speeches so you can see for yourself ways to become a more confident, polished presenter. The lab also sponsors El Cid Toastdawgs, the campus charter of Toastmasters, International. Meetings focus on helping people develop public speaking skills and are open to all cadets and CGC (graduate) students.

Oral Communications Lab, 367 Bond Hall
Director: TBA


P. Pastoral Care

The Chaplain to the Corps of Cadets provides pastoral care and confidential counselling to students. In addition, Catholic and Episcopal chaplains are available for care and counselling. Those seeking specific faith-group/denominational services will be referred to the Chaplain’s Office.

Pastoral Care, Summerall Chapel
Chaplain (LTC) Joel C. Harris, USA, Ret.


Q. Registrar

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for support of academic programs and policies to include academic records and registration; grade tracking; master course schedule; transfer credits; course substitutions; changing of academic major or pursuit of double major; confirmation of eligibility for a cadet ring; maintenance of a list of students who refuse to allow disclosure of directory information as per the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA); official transcripts of scholastic records; replacement diplomas; list of courses that meet standards of AP exam scores or College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exam scores; and also recognizes the International Baccalaureate Program and awards college credit for scores of four(4) or higher.

Office of the Registrar, 173 Bond Hall
Director: LTC Sylvia Nesmith


R. Study Abroad Program

Students may study for a semester, year, or summer on any one of hundreds of independent programs offered in countries all over the world such as England, Ireland, Italy, Australia, Germany, France, Japan, Africa, and Spain. These programs offer students a diverse curriculum from which to choose as well as personal and academic support while they are abroad. Independent programs are fully accredited programs offered through study abroad companies or other universities and are endorsed by The Citadel.

Study Abroad Program, 135 Thompson Hall
Director: LTC Robert Pickering

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