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To apply for a faculty development grant, please contact your Dean, since the Faculty Development Committee has been dissolved.


For the record, the procedure used by the Development Committee, when it was active, follows. These procedures may or may not be adapted by the individual schools, so check with your Dean on the current procedures.


Former Procedures for Applying for a Faculty Development Grant (until Spring, 2014)

  1. Read the criteria which describe the kinds of activities eligible for a grant, and decide how your proposal will address the criteria.
  2. Use the current application form and address each of its ten items. If you do not have all the information requested by the form, please explain.
  3. Fill out the application form and attach all necessary supporting documentation. Please include conference agenda showing meals provided, copy of hotel / airfare quote or receipt, and mileage documentation (Google Maps, MapQuest, ...) if driving. Ask your department head to endorse the application form by completing item #7.
  4. Submit an electronic copy of your application. The preferred format is a single MS Word or PDF file including all documentation, but two files may be submitted if necessary.  The department head's signature in item #7 need not be present in the electronic version, but must be included in the printed versions.
  5. Send two paper copies to the Chair of the Faculty Development Committee by close of business on the designated deadline date for each quarter.